Beatriz Giménez PhD

CategoriesFixed prosthodontics, Digital dentistry

TopicsFixed prosthodontics, Indirect bonded restorations, Digital impressions CAD/CAM applied to teaching and dentistry

Availability Lecture, Chair, Moderator

Languages English, Spanish


Beatriz Giménez González is a Prosthodontist, Assistant Professor at the Implantology department, involved in teaching in fixed prosthodontics (building up a new program for undergraduate students in fixed prosthodontics, teach the staff of the preclinical and clinical areas, bring and implement new technologies at ACTA to enhance dentistry and teaching/learning) and researching already for 7 years mainly focused in new technologies applied to dentistry. Mainly focused in the performance of intra-oral scanners for digital impressions in vitro and in vivo. She has published several articles and book chapters related to CAD/CAM technology applied to dentistry. She in the Board (Directive Committee) of the National Society of Prosthodontics and Esthetic Dentistry of Spain and the Junior president of the society, give lectures mostly in Spain and Europe about digital dentistry and also working on the next consensus book from ITI.

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