David Anssari Moin

CategoriesPeriodontology, Implantology, Prosthetic dentistry

TopicsPeri-implantitis, 3D printing

Availability Lecture, Chair, Moderator, Hands-on trainer

Languages English, Dutch


David Anssari Moin is a implant specialist with special affinity for comprehensive aesthetic dentistry. Graduated from the University of Amsterdam / Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA-VU/UvA) in 2008. Partnering with several colleagues he runs his referral practice for Implantology and Prosthodontics in The Hague. Since 2009 he is working at the department of Implantology and Prosthetic dentistry doing his PhD research on applications and innovations in custom 3D printed implants and (guided) tooling for dento-alveolar surgery.
Next to his PhD research David Anssari Moin works as the principal investigator at the department of Periodontology for the ongoing peri-implantitis researches. He has published several international scientific articles.

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