dr. Erik Blom


Availability Lecture, Moderator, Hands-on trainer, Demonstration clinics

Languages English, Dutch


Erik Blom Ph.D graduated in 1989 at the University of Amsterdam as a dentist. Already during his study he developed a special interest in dental implants. In 1994 he started at the department of oral implantology at ACTA (Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam). In this period he specialized in implantology and prosthetic dentistry with the focus on reconstructive, restorative and esthetic dentistry. In 2001 he got his Ph.D on a thesis on bone regeneration with Growth factors. In the same year he started his private clinic in Blaricum and received his Master of Science degree in oral implantology at the University of Amsterdam. Currently he is assistant Professor at ACTA. He published several articles in the international literature and is a frequent speaker at national and international congresses.
Today, he teaches and trains undergraduates, graduates and colleagues in all aspects of oral implantology, from introduction in the field of implantology until extended bone and soft tissue reconstruction for complete rehabilitation with implants.

Theoretical and practical aspects of oral implantology:
-getting familiar with implants in your daily practice for referring
-making suprastuctures on dental implants, from the early steps –simpel crowns , until full mouth prosthetics
-placing implants, the preparations, the first steps and the organization of your dental office by today’s standard of care
-extended implantology; combined implantolgy with bone regeneration. Such as sinus floor elevation, bone splitting, bone graft and soft tissue procedures; palatal grafts and transpostion of mucosa
-maintenance of implant constructions, after care and problem solving
-new developments such as, digital techniques in planning and surgery but also planning of reconstructions and suprastructures

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