Gijs Schenkenberg

CategoriesPrivacy specialist, Online web/app development and social media.

Availability Lecture, Moderator

Languages English, Dutch


Gijs (dentist) finished his Dental Study at ACTA (University of Amsterdam). During his study he has been closely involved with an online agency specialized in marketing/branding, web/app development, social media strategy’s and professional photo and video editing for major international companies. Due to combining online and dental knowledge, this has led to initiate and launch new initiatives within online dental care with successful outcomes as a result.
Nowadays online developments and patient’s privacy are getting more and more vulnerable with increasing online criminality.

Privacy topics all-around the dental practice.
– How to deal with patient data in your practice safely?
– Data leakage, hackers and ransomware; how to prevent and deal with this?
– How to maintain your own privacy as specialist on social media.

Online development.
– Online web/app development for practices
– Marketing/ branding for your practice.
– Social media and reviews: how to manage correctly.

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