Leontine Jongsma PhD

CategoriesDental materials, Restorative dentistry

TopicsAdhesive dentistry, Root canal posts, Cementation, Dental cements, C-factor, Resin composite, Shrinkage stress and strain, Ferrule

Availability Lecture

Languages English, Dutch


Leontine Jongsma graduated in 2006 (ACTA), and has since then worked part-time as a researcher at the department of Dental Materials Sciences at ACTA. In 2012 this led to a doctorate thesis with the title “Cementation in Adhesive Dentistry; The Weakest Link”, which she defended successfully. Her research focuses on the effects of C-factor, shrinkage stress and strain on the bond strength and physical properties of composite cements, especially when cementing root canal posts. Other research consisted of testing the clinical applicability of indirect resin composite crowns. Since 2007 she works as a general dentist in Leiden.

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