prof. dr. Bruno Loos

CategoriesPeriodontology; Implantology; Peri-implantitis; Periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases; Genetics of periodontitis.

Availability Lecture, Chair, Moderator, Hands-on trainer

Languages English, Dutch


Prof. dr. Bruno G. Loos (Dental Degree 1981 VU University Amsterdam) received a MSc degree in Periodontology (Loma Linda University, CA, USA 1982-1985). Thereafter Loos studied Oral Biology at SUNY at Buffalo, NY, USA (PhD 1992, postdoc 1993). He works at the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) and is chairman of the section Periodontology/Oral Biochemistry. Further, he is director of the postgraduate Master’s programme in Oral Health Sciences at ACTA and course director of the post-graduate profile Periodontology. Loos is co-director of ACTA’s research program “Oral Infections and Inflammation” and he is involved in research projects related to the susceptibility/genetics, microbiology and immunobiology of periodontal diseases, metagenomics of periodontitis infections and computational biology of this complex disease. Further he is directing clinical research projects investigating the relationships between oral health and cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

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